Enjoy Discounts on All Sherwin-Williams Products for Your Facilities and for Contractors at Your Facilities


Participants in the Retailer’s Advantage Buying Group are eligible for discounts of up to 27% on Sherwin-Williams products for your facilities, and your contractors can take advantage of these discounts as well. Aggressive pricing has been arranged for key items with high use, including:

  • Low VOC/odor paints that can improve the indoor air quality of your facility;
  • An extensive line of industrial coatings;
  • Miscellaneous painting supplies


To obtain these special discounts, visit your local Sherwin-Williams store and set up a cash account.  Reference “Parent #AV90” when you do.  The Sherwin-Williams Store Manager will then attach that account number to the Retailer’s Advantage parent account #AV90 so that you can use the pricing established for the program.


Discount pricing for the Retailer’s Advantage Buying Group:

  • Paint Products – 27% Discount
  • Brushes and Rollers – 25% Discount
  • Miscellaneous Painting Supplies – 20% Discount


For more information, contact:

Charles Jennison

National Account Executive





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