Save Up to 45% on Custom In-Store Music from Retail Radio


Retail Radio provides in-store music for restaurants, stores and other businesses throughout the United States and Canada.  The company uses innovative, proprietary play-list software and modern delivery technologies to provide clients with customized in-store music that enhances shopping and dining experiences for customers.  With its licensed music featuring big-name artists and its on-air personalities, retail radio essentially provides businesses with their own radio stations. These unique stations can include the unique messaging for the business between songs.


Retail Radio will provide a fully-licensed product for $24.99 per month.  This includes the ability to create custom-built stations for each product catering to the target demographic of each business.  Each store requires a Retail Radio “Plug N Play” ($199 per unit) that is connected to any existing sound system.  Retail Radio’ licensing includes Harry Fox Agency, SESAC, ASCAP and BMI.


Retail Radio will offer 3 months of free service to any company terminating an existing contract!


For more information or to sign up for new service, email or and use the Code ACC3FREE or contact:


JC Swan

888-807 6863 ext 101

916 230 7926 cell

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