Create a More Profitable Hot Beverage Program with Mid-America Roasterie


With Mid-America Roasterie, members of the Retailer’s Advantage Buying Group can put a coffee house beverage program right in their stores.  Mid-America Roasterie specializes in roasting premium private label coffee, featuring many standard blends as well as the ability to create custom blends.  With the special pricing available through Retailer’s Advantage and Alliance Cost Containment, you can create more demand for beverages and enhance your margin at the same time.  Our program includes:


  • 12 standard blends including light roasts, dark roasts and decaffeinated choices.
  • A wide range of cappuccino and tea products to complete your beverage program.
  • The ability to create custom coffee bar graphics, or the option to choose from several in-stock coffee bar designs to enhance branding of your beverage program.
  • Special pricing on cups & lids, both custom and in-stock designs.
  • Special pricing on brewing equipment.


Getting a program tailored to the needs of your stores starts with a survey of your current situation and a discussion of your goals for the future.  With this information in hand, we can develop a specific proposal for your stores and show you the income potential.

To learn more about how we can help your stores create a better, more profitable hot beverage experience for your customers, contact Rudy Moeller at Alliance Cost Containment – or 502-415-5264.

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