Reduce Your Cash Handling Costs by up to 60% with Gunnebo


Cutting your cash handling costs is our business. Helping you take control of your cash and improve store security is what we do best. Automate manual counting and re-counting, streamline time-
consuming reconciliation processes, reduce risk of loss and theft, and track cash interactions across all of 
your locations with intelligent cash handling. With Gunnebo Cash Management Solutions, you can:

• Reduce operational costs

• Increase security for staff & customers

• Eliminate internal shrinkage

• Improve customer service

• Gain full visibility of cash in all stores and throughout the reconciliation process

We offer automated Cash Management Solutions to make your front-office, back-office and entire operation more efficient and more profitable. Rely on Gunnebo to help with:

• Cash deposits

• Cash recycling

• Online cash management

• Real-time cash monitoring & reporting

For more information and to get a FREE Cash Management Assessment to optimize your operations and save money, call:

Michael Falk


Gunnebo manufactures and provides the latest in vaults, pneumatic tube systems, safes, drive-up equipment, audio video systems, and electronic security equipment, and has three manufacturing facilities in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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