CHECKredi’s Check Verification Service Helps to Eradicate Instances of Check Fraud


Your KGCSA has partnered with CHECKredi to provide businesses of all sizes new options in check acceptance, collections and related services. Kentucky retailers – big and small – are sure to find effective check acceptance and collection solutions that fit individual retailer needs. 

Check Services

Wouldn’t it be nice to live without fear of returned, bounced, bad, and NSF checks? Now, with CHECKredi’s Traditional and Electronic Check Guarantee service, you can. Merchants will receive 100 % face-value reimbursements on all guaranteed checks, regardless of whether or not the check is actually collected. 


And to add even greater security, CHECKredi’s Check Verification service helps to eradicate instances of check fraud. Whether you are a single store operator in need of a proven check collections program or a statewide retailer in search of the latest check processing platforms, like electronic check conversions (ECC), you can count on CHECKredi for results that exceed expectations.

  • Check Guarantee

  • Check Verification

  • Check Collections

  • Electronic Check Conversion (ECC)

  • Back Office Conversion (BOC)

    KGCSA Retailer’s Advantage Buying Group program for CHECKredi includes:

  • CHECKredi is offering all KGCSA members a volume discount on check guarantee programs, electronic check conversion, back office conversion and many other check programs.

  • Check verification and conversion equipment will be offered at cost.

  • A direct personal client service representative will be assigned to assist KGCSA members. CHECKredi will answer KGCSA member calls directly and respond to their questions immediately instead of getting a voice response unit or having to leave a message. 

    Call or use the contact form at the bottom of this page to learn more! 

    Nikki Bartlett 
    Vice President of Operations 
    CHECKredi of Kentucky 
    Phone: (800) 686-9522 
    Fax: (859) 252-5605


Please use the form below to contact us about the CHECKredi program:

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